Sexual History Checklist

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If you struggle with figuring out the right questions to ask around your client's sexual history, I've created this checklist to help you out.

It's not always about what you ask, but how you ask as well.

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    “The [sexual history] checklist that Erika provides really helped me to ask good questions of my clients about their sex life. All without making them blush! Thanks love!

    Taleo M.

    New York, NY

    What you get:

    You'll get a checklist of items to ask your client for either intake or during session when sexuality becomes the topic. It helps to eliminate the discomfort around their sexual history by asking the right questions!

    What is it all about?

    The Client Sexual History Checklist is designed to help you ask questions around sexuality without the client feeling akward or ashamed. Sex should be normal but our culture has really dumped a load of shame on the subject.